Showing people your creation

It’s very easy to become terrified of other people’s reactions to your game. After-all, you’ve slaved for a long time on it, you know it inside out.

What if they don’t like it?

What if they don’t get it?

What if they hate my artwork?

What if they think it’s boring?

These are all valid concerns but take heart. They’re all very unlikely and even if the results are negative – take that as a positive thing. Use the information to make small changes to your game and it will be better for it.

Also, getting other people to play your game is a great way to detect unseen bugs. Different people play differently, they’ll do things you never expected and uncover holes in your logic. A well documented piece of feedback can be incredibly valuable to you, so don’t be afraid of asking people their opinion.

Getting feedback can also be a good indicator for how well the game might sell if it were released onto the market. If the game is receiving a lot of Meh! type responses from friends and family, the general public will probably respond in a similar or worse way.

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